Our Mission

Numbermix is an award winning Social Enterprise dedicated to creating innovative products that turn learning mathematics and STEM subjects into fun, active and engaging adventures.  At Numbermix, we are passionate about maths and science, and we want to pass on our enthusiasm!  We believe that enjoyment and engagement are the first steps in raising attainment.  Through our programmes, we can also clearly demonstrate that a healthy body leads to an active mind.  

Our mission is:  
•    To increase attainment in maths and science in line with the National Curriculum
•    To offer differentiated lessons to make content accessible to children across the ability spectrum
•    To combine physical sessions with visual, tactile and auditory teaching styles to engage children with varying learning styles
•    To be inclusive and  encourage the development of social skills and team exercises in all lessons
•    To increase problem solving ability in children and demonstrate how those skills can be applied in real life situations
•    To build confidence, encourage perseverance and eliminate negative attitudes and mental blocks to maths and science
•    To encourage the growth of active classrooms and physical movement as opposed to the sedentary learning styles that prevail today
•    To demonstrate how technology can be instrumental in personalised learning without affecting physical activity levels



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